Gaming Consoles- PlayStation 2: (2000)

Sometimes its hard to believe that the PlayStation 2 game console was released around the world over 16 years ago.  As we all know the PlayStation 2 game system was created by Sony and released in the year 2000.  When many people today think about the year 2000 it might not seem like such as big deal.  However, in the late 90’s many people looked at the new millennium as something special.  During the mid to late 90’s more gaming companies started to transition from 2D into 3D gaming.  The original PlayStation console which was released various countries in 1995 focused on basic 3D gameplay and graphics for popular titles such as: Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy VII , and the Tomb Raider series. During that time period many people who were fans of Sony PlayStation were blown away by the entertainment value it provided.  But during the late 90’swe also expected wonderful things during the start of the new millennium as technology became more advanced and emphasis was placed on mastering the art of 3D gaming.

When the PlayStation 2 was first released many people were blown away with various titles that provided a unique gaming experience including: Dragon Quest VII,  Final Fantasy X-2, Gran Turismo 4, Kingdom Hearts II, Soul Calibur II, the Dance Dance Revolution series and much more.  One of the great features that the PS2 posses includes backward compatibility with Ps1 games.  If anything the backward compatibility featured on the PS2 would make the average gamer hold on to this console longer since it was one of the few where one can play the most games. Even though, most games for the PS2 did not emphasize online gaming like modern day titles they were still enjoyable because more focus was placed on developing offline content to increase their overall replay value.

For older generation consoles such as the PS2 most if not all hidden items could be unlocked within each game rather than having to buy them online.  Also, similar to the PS1 the PS2 included the use of memory cards to save the progress one made throughout whatever game they played.  The only drawback about memory cards included having to pay more but back in the late 90’s and early 00’s the experience was worth it.  Since its inception PlayStation 2 has sold over 155 million units worldwide and most people who owned this console during the 00’s can understand why.



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