Gaming Consoles-PlayStation 3: (2006)

As many of us know PlayStation 3 was one of the best consoles created in the during the 2000’s decade.  When PlayStation 3 was released in late 2006 many people were blown away by many features the console had to offer. This seventh generation console has reportedly sold over 80 million units worldwide since its release.  While PlayStation 3 was very popular in many countries around the world over 30 million units was sold in Europe which was significantly higher than America, Japan or Canada despite being released a few months later in the spring of 2007.  There were many great titles that presented people with outstanding gameplay including Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo 6, Final Fantasy XII, Little Big Planet and many more.

While PlayStation 3 had provided an excellent audio & visual gaming experience it was also considered to be a groundbreaking console as far as social media was concerned.  Along with the release PlayStation 3 Sony had developed the PlayStation Network where social gaming provided people with a variety of options of what they can do online.  The PlayStation Network allows people to create gaming profiles, download games, listen to music, compete online in gaming tournaments and much more.  Many people saw the development of the PlayStation Network  as a response to Microsoft’s Xbox Live.  The truth is that the landscape of the video game industry was evolving and Sony developed the PlayStation Network to their gaming experience every bit as exciting as Microsoft’s.

Despite, PlayStation 3 not being compatible with all PS1 and PS2 titles many features that are included in the PlayStation Network and in most games today compensate for it.  The PlayStation 3 is a game console that brought life to many popular titles released for this system.  Many times when one played a game on the PlayStation 3 they felt like they were watching a movie especially when it came role playing titles.  Since its release PlayStation 3 has been viewed as one of the best game systems of the 00’s that many people still cherish to this day.



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