Classic Gaming- Final Fantasy VI: (1994)

Final Fantasy VI is a  cartridge game that was developed by Square and released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994.  This  game is the sixth installment in the Final Fantasy series and was Yoshinori Kitase & Hiroyuki Ito.  Similar to many of the successors of previous Final Fantasy games the sixth installment had improved with quality.  Final Fantasy VI had included great gameplay along with enhanced graphics.  This exciting RPG game also provides players with great storytelling along with an in-depth plot that provides people with hours of fun and excitement.  This provides us with many important characters including Terra Braford, Locke Cole, Celes Chere, Edgar Figaro, Sabin Figaro, Cyan Garmande, Setzer Gabbiani and many more.  The story leads the main protagonist Terra to meet with numerous people  throughout the game after spending most of her life as a slave to the Empire.   Most of the people that Terra meets throughout the game become allies with her  because they all dislike the Empire for the horrible things  have they done to  ruin their lives in the past. While Terra and her friends have a grudge against the Empire and they despise Kefka Palazzo the more than anyone.  Kefka Palazzo is considered to be a cold and ruthless character who is also considered to be the main antagonist for Final Fantasy VI along with Emperor Gestahl.

In this game Terra and her friends main goal is to defeat the Empire for purposes of revenge; their journey eventually leads them to an ultimate showdown with Kefka towards the end.  This game in particular was enjoyable due to many elements that was included during its development.  One element includes the drastic change in setting.  The setting for this game is different because it diverts from the medieval theme that was commonly used in previous Final Fantasy games and placed more emphasis on steampunk. The changes to setting was unique and allowed the designers to experiment with a new theme that reflected the later part of the 19th century.  Whether or not  the medieval theme had become redundant utilizing the industrial theme a was unique improvement in the game.  Another element includes the musical composition for Final Fantasy VI.  Just like its predecessor Final Fantasy V the composition for this game was done by Nobuo Uematsu and was praised by many fans who had played the game.

The overall gameplay for Final Fantasy VI was highly praised by both fans and critics alike after its initial release in 1994.  This game has also received numerous accolades including five star ratings from both AllGame and GameSpot publications. Final Fantasy VI also had the privilege of winning numerous awards including “Best Role Playing Game” , “Best Music for a Cartridge Based Game” along with the “Game of the Month” award from Electronic Gaming Monthly following its release.   Final Fantasy VI has also received additional awards for  “Role Playing Game of the Year” along with “Best Music” in a video game by GameFan Megawards.  Without a doubt Final Fantasy VI was an excellent game that surpassed the expectations of many fans who had anticipated the sequel for Final Fantasy V.  As many people know this game has been re-released for many different gaming platforms including  Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, PlayStation Network, Wii Virtual Console along with mobile applications for iOS and Android.  Final Fantasy VI was indeed a popular game that many people wanted to possess after its release; but despite how great this game is some fans might argue that its popularity pales in comparison to its successor Final Fantasy VII.    Overall, Final Fantasy VI is considered to be one among many classic RPG games released during the 90’s that many people consider to be an instant classic.  While the sixth installment might have been one of the best Final Fantasy games during its time  the series only continue to be more exciting as the sequels would only improve over time.


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