Classic Gaming- Final Fantasy XI: (2000)

Final Fantasy IX was another great RPG classic released by Square Enix for the original PlayStation console in the year 2000.  Final Fantasy IX is the ninth installment in its series; it was also marked to be the third 3D game released by Square for PlayStation.  The developers of Final Fantasy IX had decided to return to the traditional roots of the series by diverting from the industrial themed setting that was utilized in the seventh installment.   Final Fantasy IX returning to its NES roots was interesting because it allowed players to relieve some of the magic that made the titles in the  80’s popular only in 3D.  However, this game just like many new games in the series features new characters including the main protagonist Zidane Tribal.  Throughout the game Zidane meets various allies including Princess Garnet, Amarant Coral, and Freya Crescent in his adventure to defeat the one of the main villains Queen Brahne.  In this game Queen Brahne is the ruler of Alexandria and ironically happens to be the mother of Princess Garnet. This was an interesting plot for Final Fantasy XI along with the idea that Queen Brahne was not the main threat as people had eventually learned as the game progressed.  It turns out there was a bigger threat who is known as Kuja who lusts for power. Kuja lust for power is so great to the point where his ultimate goal is to overthrow his  own creator using the strength of  eidolons.

Final Fantasy IX is another classic that many people had enjoyed playing following its release.  While some fans would prefer Final Fantasy VII & VIII over the ninth title it was great to see the game return some of its traditional roots along with containing basic elements that made the series popular after it began in 1987.  It was mainly during the 90s where the Final Fantasy series was in its prime. After the seventh and eighth installment Final Fantasy Square Enix had still managed to not only produce a good sequel but it was able to capture the attention of gamers who have fans of series since the late 80’s and early 90’s.  While Final Fantasy VII is considered to be more main stream than many of the other games in the series it should not diminish the quality  of other titles in the series such as the ninth installment.  Final Fantasy IX was actually well received by both critics and fans alike.  This game has received numerous awards including a five star rating from GamePro along with a near perfect score from Game Informer.  Final Fantasy IX had also been awarded for its animation and artwork during Interactive Achievement Awards in 2000.  While this game was been re-released for the PlayStation Network back in 2010 some people may wonder on whether or not Final Fantasy IX will receive a remake.  Even though, Square Enix is still working on the development of Final Fantasy VII which many people love the ninth installment is not quite as popular.  However, Final Fantasy XI is still a classic RPG game that we can still enjoy on the PlayStation Network.


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