Classic Gaming- Gran Turismo 2: (1999)

The original Gran Turismo game for the PlayStation 1 was undeniably a huge success that prompted a direct sequel that came sooner than many people had expected.  Gran Turismo 2 was released in late 1999;  while there were many similarities between this game and the first there were also some slight differences.  Some of the differences between the first and second Gran Turismo includes the development of the game.  While Gran Turismo 2 is similar to the original the second title was developed mainly by Polyphony Digital while the first included Sony Entertainment Computer and Cyberhead.  Despite, who the developers where for Gran Turismo 2 the game many people believe this game was just as good in comparison to the original.

Just like many predecessors to great games the second installment of Gran Turismo had included enhanced gameplay.  Gran Turismo 2 had also included a larger selection of cars and over twice as many race tracks to choose from.  Aside from having competitive gameplay Gran Turismo 2 had an awesome soundtrack.  Even though, the U.S. version of Gran Turismo 2 had good music some people would argue that the Japanese version was more superior.  The musical composition for songs such as “Moon Over the Castle” made by Masahiro Andoh was phenomenal but for whatever reason it was not included the U.S. version of the game.  The soundtrack for the opening movie for the Japanese version of Gran Turismo 2 not only captures the vibe of the action perfectly but it provides players with anticipation & excitement prior to playing the actual game.

Gran Tursimo 2 was highly praised by both critics and gamers for being a great successor from the first installment.  Gran Tursimo 2 had also received a very positive reception from a variety of gaming publications which included high scores from Edge, Eurogamer,  GamePro, Game Revolution, IGN and many more.  While the second installment of Gran Tursimo was considered to be an outstanding racing game the series had only improved as time passed progressed.


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