Classic Gaming- Super Mario Kart SNES: (1992)

This is the original Mario racing game that stared it all;  the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario Kart.  After this game was released many gamers were blown away not only by the breathtaking gameplay but the amount of excitement the game itself had provided.  Many people would consider Super Mario Kart to be one of the best racing games ever made during 16 bit era and quite possibly during the 90s.  This game had so much to offer and was beyond anything a casual Mario fan would expect from Nintendo. This Mario game featured many different game modes including grand prix ,  time trial, and multiplayer which features battle mode.  Since the races were so competitive especially when the difficult was changed to 100cc players would rarely get bored while playing the game.  The amount of creativity & innovation that went into this game had greatly contributed to the replay value of this SNES racing classic.  The game also included good music composition that provides a unique atmosphere for each stage.   There are many great soundtracks for each stage including the original “Rainbow Road” soundtrack that has an 80s dance feel to it along with the inclusion of a catchy disco bassline. The composition for the game had a significant role for getting players excited during each race along with making Super Mario Kart a memorable racing game.

This game was followed by many enjoyable sequels including Super Mario Kart 64 which was released a few years later in 1996.  It would be safe to say that the Mario Kart series is one that most gamers will never get tired of.  Super Mario Kart cleverly blends elements of fantasy along with racing in order to creative an innovative title that would serve as the landmark for one of the best racing series in Nintendo.  Super Mario Kart had received high praise from both critics and fans alike for being a enjoyable game.  Gaming publications such as AllGame & GamePro had given Super Mario Kart a five star rating for its great production.  Other gaming publications had given Super Mario Kart positive reviews for being one of the best racing games released in 1992.  While modern day gaming has evolved significantly we can probably say that Super Mario Kart might have been slightly ahead of its time following its release.


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