Retro Gaming- F-Zero: (1992)

There have been many racing games that have been released since the 1980’s that have been considered very fun and exciting.   Many different racing games including OutRun, Rad Racer along with many others have their respective themes which allows them to be diverse; examples include competing on tracks in states such as California and Florida.   F-Zero is different because it was considered to be a futuristic racing game that allowed the producers to combine elements of fantasy with reality to make an enjoyable racing game.  Some people who have played F-Zero for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System would argue that the gameplay for this title is similar to the original Mario Kart. Even though, the gameplay between F-Zero and Mario Kart looks similar there are essential differences including key characteristics of each game.  F-Zero focuses on hover cars throughout while Mario Kart emphasizes go karts where players are allowed to toss items at their opponents to give them an advantage during the race.

The only downside about F-Zero was the fact that it was only a one player game unlike Mario Kart which was also multiplayer.  Another unique aspect about F-Zero for the SNES includes the musical composition which was created by Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida.  The soundtracks for this game was fantastic especially “Mute City” and “Big Blue”  because they are both fast paced and capture the vibe of their respective stages perfectly.  F-Zero also had a great plot where the setting takes place during mid part of the 26th century where earth has completely changed and hover cars are prevalent due to the dramatic evolution of technology.  F-Zero was considered to be an exciting title during the early 90s ;some people may argue that the game could have been better with the inclusion of a multiplayer mode.


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