Retro Gaming- F-Zero X: (1998)

There have been many great racing games that were released throughout the 1990’s including the two Mario Kart games for both the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64.  Another game that would probably come close to some of the Mario racing games includes F-Zero X which was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998.  F-Zero X was a direct sequel to the original game which was released in 1990.   This game had included some of the previous stages of the original F-Zero game including “Mute City” and “Big Blue” which were probably two of the most popular stages in the series. Along with being the first 3D F-Zero title ever released this sequel had included outstanding gameplay that exceeded the expectations of many people who have played it.  The Nintendo 64 allowed people to play older stages in a completely different way by turbo charging through the air and going through loops;  this was something that could not have been done for the original F-Zero for the SNES due to the limitations imposed by 2D graphics.

Thankfully, F-Zero X had added many features other than 3D graphics to make the game more enjoyable in comparison to its SNES predecessor.  F-Zero X included more game modes including vs battle, death battle and others that would contribute to the high replay value of this title.  This game was also very challenging because not only were players expected to race against 29 other opponents during grand prix mode but they also have to race to survive.  Along with stiff competition in the game there are multiple difficulty levels ranging from Novice (easiest) to Master (hardest).  Completing the game on Novice or even standard (medium) is one thing but trying to go any further with the amount of competition faces is a true challenge that will either force players to quit or to continue trying.

This game was well received by many gaming publications including Allgame, GamePro, GameSpot, and IGN for having great graphics and innovative gameplay.  Many people would agree that F-Zero X was miles ahead of its predecessor for the SNES and that it would also be considered one of the best racing games for the Nintendo 64 game console.


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