Retro Gaming- Final Fight: (1989)

Final Fight is a classic beat em up game that was originally released for arcade in 1989.  Final Fight among many other side scrolling beat em up games including the Double Dragon series was very popular during the late 80s and early 90s.  While the original Final Fight game was originally an arcade game it eventually became ported to game consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  When the original Final Fight  was released for the SNES it did not perform as well as the arcade version due to technical limitations; but the game was eventually released and remake for various other game consoles including Game Boy Advance and is available on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Final Fight had introduced a variety of stages where the player have the choice of controlling Mayor Mike Haggar, Cody, or Guy in order to save Cody’s girlfriend Jessica after being kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang.   It was around the early 90s when beat em up games started to become popular until one on one fighting titles such as Street Fighter II had emerged.  Side Scrolling fighting games were exciting for many people because the idea of beating up a bunch of goons along with the main boss reminded us of action & adventure movies.  The bosses of this game were not too difficult but many people who have played Final Fight would probably argue that Rolento was the toughest boss in the game.   Not only is Rolento super fast but he constantly throws multiple grenades without caring if he gets blasted or not.

The characters of this game Cody, Guy, and Rolento were so popular in Final Fight that Capcom had decided to use them in future Street Fighter games such as Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3.  While the game was a smash hit in arcades during the early 90s many people regard Final Fight to be one of the best beat em up games of its time.


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