Retro Gaming- Sonic Adventure: (1998)

There have been many great Sonic the Hedgehog games that were released during the 1990’s.  Many people would argue that most of the best Sonic games were released for the Sega Genesis because of its fast paced innovative gameplay.   When the Sonic series had utilized 2D graphics the gameplay along with the soundtracks was addicting to many gamers.  As gaming industry started to evolve by transitioning into  3D gameplay many people questioned how good the Sonic series would be.  When Sonic Adventure was released during the late 90’s fans of the series for many features it produced.  Similar to Sonic & Knuckles this game allows players to choose from one of six  characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose,  Big the Cat, E-Gamma.

Each character have their own respective stories throughout the game which are all connected to the main plot.  The main plot involves Sonic and his friends trying to stop Eggman’s plans to transform a monster known as Chaos from reaching his perfect state.  Throughout the game each character have to complete various stages  using their own unique abilities. However,  monster known as Chaos eventually gains all of his power from the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds and transforms into his perfect state while becoming an enormous threat to their world.  While there is much debate about who takes the prize for being the most difficult boss in the game some would say that Perfect Chaos ranked very high.  On one hand the final boss battle is cool because people can play as Super Sonic; on the other hand Perfect Chaos health bar is enormous.

Sonic Adventure was a very fun game for the Dreamcast system because it  provided far better gameplay and graphics than the Sega Saturn.  Also, it was among one of the first Sonic games that added more depth to the main storyline.  Sonic Adventure was one of the better 3D games within in the series that many Sega fans still enjoy today.


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