Revolutionary Music in Gaming

There have been many titles for over the past three decades that were memorable for many gamers for a variety of reasons. Depending on what type of gamer you are everyone’s criteria on what makes a game great includes based on different elements including features, gameplay, graphics,  and storytelling.  However, there are some features where some games are recognized mainly for their soundtracks.  During the 80s and 90s  numerous games have been remembered for their incredible background music which added more anticipation and excitement for past titles.  Many games including MegaMan & Castlevania series have been innovators for video game music due to the complex composition for a majority of the soundtracks they have produced over time.  Many people may not notice it but the BGM of different titles can have a significant impact on the reception a game.  The MegaMan X series had produced some of the most innovative soundtracks many people have  ever seen.  The intensity & face paced composition of virtually all MegaMan tracks was groundbreaking during the 8-bit and 16-bit era. Some people would argue that past MegaMan games especially the X series had served as a blueprint for many Super Nintendo games in terms of musical composition.

Not only did various Super Nintendo games had adopt the fast paced rock & roll like style of the MegaMan X series but some PlayStation games utilized this style while producing optimal quality composition in the process.  While many gamers choices may vary on what games come to mind in terms of fast paced music  some may argue that of the old X-Men games for both the Super Nintendo and Sony PlayStation.  Some titles such as “X-Men Children of the Atom”, “X-Men vs. Street Fighter”,  Marvel vs. Capcom along with others would probably come to mind in terms of fast passed rocker type music that made 2D gaming enjoyable during the 90s.

While modern day gaming places more emphasis on gameplay & graphics many people are polarized on whether not they would be considered enjoyable in comparison to classic titles.  While many fighting & RPG games of today are great and receive outstanding reviews the replay value is not very high after one completes  arcade/story mode.  Aside from online multiplayer many gamers left with limited options resulting them to return the game they just bought as opposed to holding on to it because they sincerely enjoy it.  While musical composition to many people is the power behind the throne that made classic games enjoyable it was definitely an element that was memorable. Modern games for the most part emphasize realism which is something many people have wanted to see for decades; but the question is are many of these games as exciting as we anticipated them to be?


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