Classic Gaming- Gran Turismo 3: (2001)

As we all know the very first Gran Turismo game was released in late-1997 and since then Polyphony Digital had always found a way to make the sequel of each game every bit as exciting as the previous title.  Many people loved the original Gran Turismo game and was blown away by the second which was released in the later part of 1999.  But when Gran Turismo  3 was released in 2001  many people were impressed not only by the visual design but also by the various challenges the game provided.  In Gran Turismo 3 players have the opportunity to unlock a variety of cars such as the Honda, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and the Toyota series. Gran Turismo 3 provides players with hours of fun with over 30 different race tracks.

While most of the race tracks in the game were fun there were some tracks that many considered to be difficult.  Some may argue that one of the more difficult tracks in the game was Special Stage Route 11.  Despite, being a tough track for some people Special Stage Route 11 looked great and could be rated as one of the best stages in the game. However, there are other race tracks such as Cote d’ Azur which many people are not too fond of.  Such stages helps players develop their skills throughout game along with the test courses which many people considered boring.  While playing Gran Turismo 3 people would have a blast unlocking various cars in different leagues such as: Beginner, Amateur, and Professional League which is generally regarded as the toughest.

Along with having a great single player content Gran Turismo 3 had also included a very fun multiplayer mode which allowed up to two players.  One of the great things about Gran Turismo 3 was that there is enough single player content to keep individuals occupied  when they were alone including Time-Trial mode.  When this game was first released in 2001 many people had felt it was one of the best racing games they have ever played.  After its initial release it received a five star rating from GamePro magazine and the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Gran Turismo 3 was also scored a perfect ten by Electronic Gaming Monthly, Eurogamer, and Maxim magazine for being a spectacular racing game.   This game allowed Polyphony Digital to provide an outstanding gaming experience which exceeded the expectations of people who were huge fans of the first two Gran Turismo titles.  The graphics for Gran Turismo 3 made the game seem like it was ahead of its time and is widely regarded as one of the best racing titles of the early 00’s.


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