Gaming Consoles- 3DO Interactive Multiplayer: (1993)

As most of us know there were a variety of consoles available in the 90’s that made gaming exciting such as Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation and many others that everyone loved.  There were also other consoles that don’t receive as much mention as some of main consoles of the 90’s such as 3Do Interactive Multiplayer.  The 3Do Interactive Multiplayer was released in 1993 and was manufactured by Panasonic along with two other companies known as Sayno and Goldstar.  When this fifth generation console was released in American markets the price averaged for approximately $700.  The original cost for 3Do Interactive Multiplayer was twice the amount of consoles such as PS1 and the Neo Geo CD.  Similar to the likes of PS1 the 3Do included a 32-bit CPU which allowed many people good quality 2D and 3D gameplay for various titles released for this system.

The 3Do included some popular 2D classics such as: Samurai Showdown and Super Street Fighter II Turbo which were available for multiple consoles.  Some of the games also included decent 3D graphics such as Cyberia which could rival 3D games for the PS1 such as  Gran Turismo.   There were also popular games for other consoles such as FIFA International Soccer with Sega CD that was just as exciting for the 3Do due to added features.  Speaking of Sega the control pad for the 3Do looked similar to that of the Genesis except for the fact that utilized CD-ROM’s rather than cartridges.  Even though, 3Do was short lived and did not have too many games one of the best titles released for this system was Gex.  Many people would argue that if 3Do was still around that Gex would probably be its mascot since the game sold over one million units and becoming the best selling title for that console.

While the Gex sold over one million copies the 3Do reportedly sold over two million units worldwide which may come as a shock to some people considering how expensive the game system was.  Another incredible feature about the 3Do was the inclusion of an add-on entitled the 3Do Blaster made by Creative Labs which was utilized mainly for Windows PC games.  Shortly after its release the 3Do was discontinued and plans to create a succeeding game console called Panasonic M2 was abandoned. If the Panasonic M2 wasn’t cancelled when it was we could have witnessed sequels to some of the top games that defined the 3Do as a console.  It was around the mid 90’s when console such as PlayStation and Nintendo 64 became very popular in gaming markets following the release of Sega Dreamcast in 1998.  During the mid to late 90’s those mainstream household consoles had lower prices and were usually advertised more than than anything 3Do related which was more expensive.  However, anyone who has or currently owns a 3Do can truly understand how valuable the console is considering how expensive was during its initial release in 1993.


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