Gaming Consoles- Neo Geo AES: (1990)

When we think about some of the top game consoles of the 90’s the first thing that comes to mind includes Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, PlayStation along with many other consoles.  But there are also some game consoles that many people thought was great but it doesn’t get as much recognition.  The Neo-Geo would probably be an example of such a game system because despite how innovative the console was its not mentioned in the same light in comparison as Sony or Nintendo products. When the Neo Geo made its debut in 1990 it provided many great features such as awesome 2D graphics and groundbreaking gameplay that would get players glued to their screen for hours.  After the Neo Geo was released by SNK many people thought the multi video system was very unique because it included multiple games in each cabinet instead of having one game for each machine.

The Neo Geo home console known as the Advanced Entertainment System not only provided spectacular 2D gameplay and graphics but in some ways was ahead of its time.  The Neo Geo AES was the first game console to include the use of memory cards to save game data.  The use of memory cards did not become prominent until the mid-90’s following the release of game consoles such as Nintendo 64 and PlayStation.  The Neo Geo AES also had a great sound chip known as the “YM2612” produced by Yamaha.  The Neo Geo soundtracks were great because of its creativity and for the fact that it added life to most of its games. There were various classic titles produced for the Neo Geo that many people remember such as Samurai Showdown II, Fatal Fury Special, The Last Blade, and World Heroes which included great soundtracks that made their gaming experience unforgettable.

Despite making its debut the same year as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japanese markets the sales for the Neo Geo AES were relatively low.  The Neo Geo was very high in value and was priced for approximately $650 while the SNES averaged around $200.   The cost for the Neo Geo AES ranged around $650 following its release and was twice as expensive than Sega Genesis and the SNES.  Many people would argue that the Neo Geo AES is one of the most underrated 2D game consoles of the 90’s while others may disagree.  Either way, the Neo Geo AES was probably one of the best 2D consoles released during the 90’s decade prior to its ultimate discontinuation in 2004.


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