Gaming Consoles- Neo Geo CD: (1994)

There  were many great game systems during the 90’s including Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and PlayStation.  There are also many game consoles that were great but don’t get mentioned as much.  During the same year that Sony released the original PlayStation console SNK corporation released the Neo Geo CD in 1994.  This fourth generation console was released in Japan during the later part of 1994 and not available in  American markets until 1995.  Prior to the release of the Neo Geo CD the developers had made some unique changes to their hardware from their preceding console Neo Geo AES.  One of the main changes included the use of CD-ROM’s  along with the ability to play audio CD’s on the console.   An additional change for the Neo Geo CD includes changing the handheld joystick for a control pad.  Many people would argue that the control pad for the Neo Geo CD heavily resembled that of the Sega Genesis.  Others would probably argue that the joystick used for Neo Geo AES was better because it made gamers feel that they were playing at an actual arcade center.

Along with having great features there were also many memorable titles released for this game system such as: Super Sengoku 2, Samurai Showdown, Bust a Move, Pleasure Goal, King of Fighters 96′ and Real Bout Fatal Fury Special.  Along with those classic titles there were also rare games released exclusively in Japan such as the Samurai Showdown RPG known as “Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushido Retsuden”.    Samurai Showdown was  probably one of the few arcade fighting games of the 90’s  to have its own RPG title. Along with the inclusion of arcade quality games the Neo Geo CD utilized the Motorola 68000 as the system’s main CPU which provided a spectacular gaming experience for many people.   When the Neo Geo CD was first released it was originally priced for approximately $400 similar to the Sega Saturn.  However, when the original PlayStation game system was released it was only priced for $300 while the Nintendo 64 averaged around $200.    While the Neo Geo CD seemed promising it was not advertised to the same extent as its competitors in North America but remained popular in Japan.

Despite how expensive the Neo Geo CD was it managed to sell over half a million units after its release.  While consoles such as PlayStation and Nintendo 64 hit over one million units  in sales it must be noted that the Neo Geo CD was discontinued shortly after its release in 1997.  If the Neo Geo CD was discontinued a few years later or released more titles for the console some could make the argument that it would of sold more units.  Either way the Neo Geo CD along with its top titles would be considered very rare and valuable to old school gamers outside of Japan who grew up in the 16 & 32 bit era gaming.


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