Hidden Gems- Rouge Galaxy: (2005)

There have been countless RPG game that have been released especially in the 00’s decade.  While popular RPG titles such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and the Phantasy Star series have made a huge impact within this genre there were also some games that many people hardly remember.    There were many RPG titles released in the 00’s decades that were great but fell short in expectations in terms of sales.  Rouge Galaxy was developed by a video game company called Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment prior to its Japanese release in 2005 for PlayStation 2.  This game was interesting because not only did it include unique characters but it also utilized cel shaded 3D graphics which provided a nice visual presentation.

Rouge Galaxy allowed people to control a variety of characters such as Jaster, Zegram, Kisala, Likika and Simon who are all unique because they have different personalities which makes them anything but bland. Rouge Galaxy included so much detail during battles when players are notified about certain things such as weapon status, action gauge or ability points.  Some would argue that the battle system in this gmae is rather repetitive but at least it was not overly complex considering the fact that it was the first and only game in the series.  This game also featured random encounters with various opponents as one progressed throughout the game along with challenging boss battles.   Many people would argue that the toughest boss battle in this game involves Doppelganger from Ghost Ship Extreme.  Some of the bosses in this game are somewhat tricky and requires effective battle strategies in order to defeat them .

Despite having low sales Rouge Galaxy was a great RPG title that many people have been anticipating a sequel for throughout the past decade.  Oddly, when Rouge Galaxy was originally released in  Japan 2005 it was not released in other countries such as America until 2007.  If the game had a worldwide release within the same year would it have sold more units?  Also, did Rouge Galaxy ultimately suffer due to lack of advertising that other RPG titles had?  After its release, Famitsu had awarded Rouge Galaxy for being the “Best RPG” in 2006.  Rouge Galaxy also scored above average ratings from gaming publications such as GameSpot and GameTrailers.  This title game very short of receiving a five star rating from GameSpy because it had so much potential. It was great to know that Rouge Galaxy was re-released for the PlayStation 4 since it was a underrated classic that deserved more recognition.  But since it was re-released for the PS4 it could be a possible indicator that we might get a potential sequel in the future.  Even if we do not get  a second installment of the Rouge Galaxy we can still enjoy this hidden gem for the PS4.


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