Retro Gaming- Capcom vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000: (200o)

There were many great fighting titles that was released during the 90’s decade including the Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and the King of Fighting series.   Throughout the 90’s many people debated on which game was better in terms of in-game mechanics, character designs along with overall skills and talent.  Capcom vs. SNK Millennium Fight was almost a decade in the making because it was a crossover series that many people wanted to see.  When Capcom vs SNK was released in the year 2000 it included a dream roster of fighters from both the Street Fighter and Fatal Fury series.  When it was first released for in arcade systems many people were excited about this crossover title because in the early 90’s nobody thought that this would ever happen.

Capcom vs SNK includes at least 32 characters including Ryu, Kyo Kusanagi, Chun Li, Mai Shiranui, Ken Masters, Gesse Howard, Rugal and many more.  What was cool about this game was the idea that Capcom characters where included into a game that felt like some of the older Neo Geo fighting titles in terms of both gameplay and graphics.  Another cool feature about this game includes the team battles which allows players & opponents to have up to four players on their teams.  In arcade mode players go through various stages before crossing paths with either Gesse Howard or M. Bison.  Both bosses are difficult in this game so it would probably be best to have as many people on your team as possible.

While one must fight Gesse Howard in two rounds when playing against M. Bison you must defeat Balrog before challenging him.  Some of the surprises in SNK vs Capcom is what makes this game worth it.  An example would include some of the group pairing of this game along with the skill level of the CPU. The gameplay for SNK vs Capcom was great and included highly refined 2D graphics along with awesome soundtrack that captures the late 90’s and early 00’s in terms of music.  Next to the arcade version some people would argue that the Dreamcast version was more superior than the PlayStation port of Capcom vs SNK.  When this game was first released for arcade many people were blown by the fact this game was made.  Shortly, after its release having Capcom vs SNK for Sega Dreamcast was a must for anyone who was a fan of the fighting games in the 90’s.  Almost a decade prior to its release nobody had known if there would ever be a crossover game between Capcom & SNK.  Thankfully, the new millennium started off with a crossover game consisting of characters from  two very popular fighting franchises making Capcom vs SNK a memorable title overall.


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