Retro Gaming- Ristar: (1995)

Ristar is one of the many classic games for the Sega Genesis that some people feel is underrated.  As good as Ristar was it never received an anticipated sequel shortly after its release in 1995.   Ristar was a very exciting side scrolling 2D platform game that had the potential to have its own series.  The level of creativity that went into the soundtrack of this game was incredible and in some ways rivals Sonic the Hedgehog 2 & 3 in terms of BGM.  Along with having a great soundtrack the level designs for each stages were fantastic and felt reminiscent to games such as Sonic CD in terms of graphics.  One of the unique aspects about this game includes being a platform title where players do not have to rely heavily on jumping throughout the entire game.

Instead players had to rely heavily on stretching in order to do various things such as destroying enemies along with completing each level.  Another cool feature about Ristar includes the opening for each stage.  Before each stage begins there is an opening similar to that of a play before the player starts a new stage.  The intergalactic journey that you take in this game occurs on six different planets and similar to some of the Sonic the Hedgehog games the stages in Ristar includes two levels for each.  Many people have wondered for many years if Ristar was ever going to receive a 3D release.  The answer to that question is probably not but then again anything could happen.  While Ristar was great for the Sega Genesis sometimes people wonder how it would have played out if it was released for the Sega Dreamcast between 1998 and 2001.  Even though, was not on the same level as the Sonic the Hedgehog series in terms of popularity Ristar was title a very fun side scrolling platform title that many feel deserved a sequel or at least a remake from Sega.


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