Retro Gaming- Street Fighter III: Third Strike (1999)

Street Fighter III: Third Strike was released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999.  Third Strike was the home port of the popular arcade game Street Fighter III: Double Impact that was released in 1997.  The arcade version of Street Fighter III was awesome because it was very different from its predecessors in the Street Fighter II series.  Street Fighter III: Third Strike maintained many of the features that made the Alpha series popular including the use of super gauges and super combos which made for exciting gameplay. Also, Street Fighter III: Third Strike also brought back the bonus stages included in the Street Fighter II series.  However, there were changes to the overall style of the game itself with a slightly more darker tone than what many people were used to in the Street Fighter series.  There was also so much creativity that went into the development of this 3rd Strike especially in the music department.

The soundtrack for Street Fighter III consisted of a variety of genres including drum & bass, jazz and mostly hip-hop.  The soundtrack for Street Fighter III what made it unique because it not only were  most of the tracks catchy but it also blended well each stage and every character included in the game. Speaking of characters the Street Fighter series added some exciting new characters for 3rd Strike including Ibuki, Urien, Makoto, Sean, Yang,  Necro, and Twelve.  This game also included a new boss character named Gill who is probably one of the toughest opponents next to Seth in Street Fighter IV. Gill was very hard to defeat because attack dealt a lot along with the fact that he had the ability to resurrect himself after being defeated in two rounds. If one was able to somehow defeat Gill in the arcade centers playing “Double Impact” they can considered themselves an expert in Street Fighter III.

In Street Fighter III: Third Strike a hidden character named “Q” was also included in the game as a playable character.  One can battle Q in arcade mode if they maintain a winning streak for several rounds in the game.  In addition to the inclusion of new characters Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike gave people the option to choose  between three different super moves after selecting a character.  While selecting a super move for your character the screen shows you how to perform each attack before the battle begins. Despite, not being quite as popular as the Street Fighter II series Street Fighter III: Third Strike was a great fighting game.  The Sega Dreamcast version of Street Fighter III: Third Strike was praised from gaming publications such as IGN & Famitsu.  When the game was later re-released for the PlayStation 3 online it also received praise for bringing back an instant classic with refined 2D graphics.  Some people would say that Street Fighter III: Third Strike was not one of the best games in the series while others may argue that this title is underrated.  Either way, Street Fighter: Third Strike was a nostalgic 2D fighting game that many people still enjoy to this day.


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