Gaming Consoles- Sega Genesis: (1988)

When we think about gaming consoles of the past the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is always one of the first systems that comes to mind in regards to the 16-bit era.  When the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in the early 90’s it exceeded the expectations of many people who were fans of the 8-bit NES game console.  It was almost impossible to be a gaming fan during the 80’s and not being familiar with the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1983.  Almost seven years later when the Super Nintendo was released in 1990 many people around the world were blown away by various features that this console had included.  One of the many great features for the Super Nintendo included the S-SMP which was the audio processing unit this console.  Even though, many people often compare the sound system to Sega Genesis in terms of quality the audio for many games involving the SNES were actually pretty good.

One of the cool things about the Super Nintendo included its ability to produce games that appeared to exceed the capacity of what it was actually capable of doing.   An example would include the Super FX chips included in certain SNES games such as Star Fox, Doom and Super Mario Bros 2: Yoshi’s Island which enhanced the quality of each title.  The Super FX chip had utilized 3D polygons in order create awesome 2D visual effects for a handful of games released for the SNES in the early 90’s.  Even though there were some unreleased SNES games for the Super FX including Star Fox 2 it would have been interesting to see how great titles would have been.  The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was also known for releasing some memorable RPG titles during the early 90’s including Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy V, Breath of Fire II, Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean along with many other games.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System produced many exciting games but similar to the NES Super Mario sold the most units worldwide.  The two games Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart as sold over a combined total of 28 million units worldwide since its release.  One of the best non Mario games to sell millions worldwide included Street Fighter II: World Warrior which sold over 6.3 million units since its release in 1991.  One of the most interesting things about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was that this console was still being manufactured despite the release of the Nintendo 64 in 1996.  It has been reported that the Super Nintendo Entertainment system has sold over 49 million units worldwide since its initial release. Even though, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was very innovative in variety of different ways it still managed to sell less then the NES.

The Nintendo Entertainment System has sold at least 61 million units worldwide with people the Americas being the primary consumers.  While the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was far better in gameplay & quality the NES has been available since the early 80’s and was not discontinued until the late 00’s.  The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was made available in 1990 and was discontinued right before the start of the new millennium. The console wars between Nintendo and Sega during the 90’s left us with a wonderful gaming experience because it forced both gaming companies to produce high quality consoles and games that many people cherish to this day.  Even though,the Super Nintendo game console is over 25 years old some people would prefer playing some of the most popular titles of the 16-bit era opposed to many of the modern titles of today.


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