Retro Gaming- Samurai Shodown II: (1994)

The first Samurai Shodown title released for the arcade system in the early 90’s was great because it was one of the many fighting games that spiced up the genre along with many other popular titles including Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and the King of Fighters series.  The first Samurai Shodown title released in 1993 was known to be one of the best multiplayer fighting games in arcade centers worldwide despite not being quite as popular as other gaming titles.  Shortly, after its release Samurai Shodown would receive a sequel in 1994 that included enhanced gameplay and a more in-depth story mode.  The cutscenes for each character in the arcade mode of Samurai Shodown II made this title  unique because it instantly drew the attention of players as they progressed throughout the game.    Some people would argue that the arcade mode in Samurai Shodown II is miles ahead of other fighting games such as Street Fighter II series where the arcade mode does not explain anything other than who you are going to fight next.

Samurai Shodown II was one of the many games that diverted from the traditionally arcade mode where characters travel to different parts of the world to fight their opponents without rhyme or reason.  The storytelling in Samurai Shodown was almost as good as other fighting titles released around that time period including Fatal Fury 3: Fight to the Final Victory in 1995.  Even though, the mechanics in Fatal Fury 3: Fight to the Final Victory appeared to be more superior Samurai Shodown II this title was also great game to play in the arcade centers because very rare to own this title for the Neo Geo following its release in the mid 90’s.  In fact, it was uncommon for many people especially in America to have a Neo Geo at all since it was very expensive and averaged around $650 when it was first released while the Neo Geo CD went for $399.   The Neo Geo version of Samurai Shodown was probably the best because of the arcade based quality that the game system was more than capable of producing.  If you were a huge fan of the series during the 90’s your best bet would have been to get the PlayStation 2 version of the game included in Samurai Shodown Anthology which was released in the late 00’s.  After Samurai Shodown II was first released it was praised by Electronic Gaming Monthly and received a nine out of ten for being one of the best 2D fighting games that one would ever play for any console.  Despite, not being a mainstream fighting title Samurai Shodown II is 2D game that is considered to be an instant classic among many retro gamers.


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