Retro Gaming- Samurai Showdown: (1993)

There were many classic arcade titles that we remember from the early 90’s as 2D gaming was getting closer to reaching its pinnacle.  While there were many great fighting games throughout the 90’s there were also some titles that were considered to great but does get mentioned as much.  Samurai Shodown also known as “Samurai Spirts” was one of the many great fighting games of the early 90’s when 2D fighting games started to become popular.  When SNK developed Samurai Shodown in the early 90’s it became one of the many games including the Street Fighter series, Fatal Fury along with the King of Fighters series that made the fighting genre very popular.  Samurai Shodown was an interesting title because theme for game was based on the feudal era in the later part of the 18th century.

In some fighting games the creators try to stick to modern settings in various countries while Samurai Shodown focuses heavily on Japan.  Despite, having a roster of only twelve characters many people considered it to be a very fun game to play.  Some people would agree that the opening for Samurai Shodown was probably one of the best 2D intros for a fighting game they have ever seen.  The visual presentation along with the gameplay for Samurai Shodown was also pretty good. The Rage Gauge feature was cool addition because characters can increase their fill bar by taking damage instead of dishing it out as opposed to some of  the later Street Fighter games of the mid to late 90’s including the Alpha series.  As we all know Samurai Shodown was released for various game consoles but many would argue that the Neo Geo version was probably the best version since it closely resembled the arcade.

While many people would agree that the SNES port for Samurai Shodown was pretty good the Neo Geo game console often did a far superior job at replicating the quality of arcade games better than most game systems.  After its initial release Samurai Shodown was highly praised by Electronic Gaming Monthly for being one of the best fighting games in 1993.  Even though, Samurai Shodown was not the most popular fighting title in the 90’s  the game is well known by many people and is regarded as a classic.


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