Odin Sphere Leifthraisr- HD Remake

It was pretty cool that Odin Sphere Leifthraisr was re-released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and the Vita back in January 2016.  What was great about Odin Sphere Leifthraisr during the late 00’s was that it was different from most of the games that were popular during that decade.  During the 00’s first person shooter games were very popular along with titles in the fighting genre while Odin Sphere Leiftraisr was an RPG game that diverted from the traditional three dimensional gameplay format.  Odin Sphere was a side-scrolling 2D game that featured fantastic combat, great soundtracks, smooth frame rates, along with awesome graphics & artwork.  Vanillaware did an excellent job with the storytelling aspect of the game which interconnects five separate stories of the main characters Gwendolph, Cornelius, Mercedes, Oswald and Velvet.

When Odin Sphere Leifthraisr was first released in 2007 many people more than likely enjoyed this game because it was something that seemed very different from a traditional RPG game.  Odin Sphere had included basic elements that are normally seen in other Role Playing games while being a 2D side scrolling which really brought back feelings of nostalgia in relation to classic games of the early 90’s for Super Nintendo.  When the remake of Odin Sphere Leifthraisr was released the graphics for the game looked better than ever since it featured 1080p.  As fun as Odin Sphere Leifthraisr was one has to wonder if Vanillaware have any plans on making a sequel to this RPG classic; it so it will probably be a while before we hear about any plans in regards to its development.


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