Classic Gaming- Mega Man 4: (1991)

The first three Mega Man games were both tough and awesome.  Many people thought that the second Mega Man game was probably the best of the three depending on who you ask. Each game became even more challenging than the previous one leading people to question whether or not they can beat any of those games especially Mega Man II & III.  The good news about Mega Man 4 is that both the gameplay and visual presentation is fantastic for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The bad news is that Mega Man 4 is just as hard as its predecessors considering the fact that most of the stages in this game are unforgiving.   One the plus side along with having great gameplay the soundtrack for Mega Man 4 was probably as good as the second title.

The soundtrack for each stage seem to fit the atmosphere for each level and played a significant role in making the overall gameplay enjoyable.   There is much debate to this day on which soundtrack is the best when it comes down to stage themes.   There were also many tough boss battles in this games with the likes of Quick Man, Elec Man, Skull Man with others.  Another thing that was cool about Mega Man 4 was the fact that they introduced a new villain named Dr. Cossack. At some point the constant run ins with Dr. Wily in each game were starting to become repetitive and along with the Mega Man series stepping its game in terms of quality adding a new villain character in some ways helped re-freshen the series.  Added features to Mega Man 4 made this game stand out including the ability for Mega Man charge before attacking his enemies and the ability to utilize his dog named “Rush” to assist you in completing the game.

Mega Man 4 was considered to be one of the most exciting games for the Nintendo Entertainment System along with being one of the most challenging.  Since its release in the early 90’s Mega Man 4 received praise from various gaming publications such as GamePro, IGN, and Nintendo Power for being an outstanding action platormer game.  The Mega Man series for the NES were among the best and shockingly  Nintendo continued making games for that console despite the release of the SNES game console during the later part of 1990.


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