Classic Gaming- Mega Man X: (1993)

We all remember how epic the Mega Man series was on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80’s.  Mega  Man 1 through 4 were not only exciting but very challenging when it came down to boss battles and selecting the correct order to complete each stage.  When Mega Man X made was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System it exceeded the expectations of many people who were fans of the original NES games.  After making its debut in the early 90’s Mega Man X seemed like the total package having almost everything you would wanted to see in the series since the late 80’s.  Mega Man X had featured awesome gameplay, excellent graphics and a spectacular soundtrack.  The BGM for each stage was so good that sometimes its hard to decide which one was the best.

Almost all of soundtracks in this game were great but most people would probably agree that “Storm Eagle” and “Spark Mandrill” had the best BGM in Mega Man X.  In terms of the hardest bosses in this game many would probably argue that the final boss in this game known as “Sigma” was probably the toughest.  The addition of a new antagonist made this game exciting especially considering the plot for Mega Man X.  Some people would argue that Sigma is similar to the likes of Magento from X-Men since his goals revolve around the evolution of Reploids along with the general dislike of humans.  Along having a new villain the Mega Man X also introduces a new hero known as Zero.  As cool as Zero was his fate in Mega Man X lead to self-sacrifice after being captured by Vile in an attempt to destroy him.  Along with the storytelling the gameplay for this title was great not only because it was fast-paced and challenging but the ending for the game seemed worth the effort you put into it.

Even though most of the Mega Man games in the series are very hard “X” was tough because similar to the previous titles the stages need to be completed in a certain order for the best results in term of progress for the game.  Also, the boss battles towards the end were crazy especially when you had to fight Sigma twice after battling his pet named “Velguarder.”  One of the many things that improved the quality of Mega Man X included the dialogue throughout the game.  Along with the intro the dialogue between characters had played a significant role in improving the storytelling aspect of the game which was something that either absent or kept at a minimum in some of the earlier Mega Man games for the NES.  After Mega Man X was released many people were blown away by virtually everything about this game from the BGM to the gameplay all the way down to the storytelling. One of the cool things about the Mega Man X series was that it was made for SNES while Nintendo kept making NES sequels for the original games that were released in the 1980’s. While some people are fans of the original NES Mega Man games others prefer the X series.  Either way, despite which version of Mega Man you like the most they are very close to equal in terms of difficulty.


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