Classic Gaming- Mega Man X2: (1994)

The original of Mega Man X was wonderful in terms of both gameplay, graphics and storytelling when it was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1993.  The setting for Mega Man X2 takes place shortly after the events from the original X game and includes a few surprises that made the game more interesting.  When the game starts one of the first things that stands out includes how cool the intro was.  Out of all the Mega Man games prior to X2 this game gives players a detailed visual presentation that emphasizes the plot & setting for this title prior to reaching the start menu.  When you start Mega Man X2 you start out with lower health then what you are given in some of the previous games in the series.  The good news is that as the game progresses players will have the opportunity to expand their health meter along with gathering weapons from defeating boss characters in their respective stages.

Mega Man X2 had included some pretty exciting additions to the series including the ability for players to operate machinery in certain stages along with improved in game mechanics and enhanced graphics.  The improved graphics of this game can be credited to the Cx4 chip which was developed by Capcom which played a significant role in enhancing the quality of Mega Man X2 overall.  One of the most fantastic things about Mega Man X2 includes the branching storyline aspect of this game.  In Mega Man X2 players are required to collect the missing parts of Zero after his destruction in the prequel.  If players are unable to collect all of Zero’s components they have to face off against Sigma and a resurrected Zero who seeks vengeance against Mega Man for his own destruction.  However, if you are able to find the various components for Zero you end up dealing with a clone version of him along with Sigma.

The final stage along with the boss battle in this game can seem overwhelming at times.  After defeating Zero players have to battle Sigma not once but twice.  The first time you Sigma is during his “Neo” form and if you somehow manage to survive that encounter you get to battle him in his “Virus” state.  Almost everything about Mega Man X2 was terrific including the storyline development which heavily focused on the events of the 1993 prequel.  In terms of action platform games of the 90’s Mega Man X2 not only delivers in terms of quality gameplay but also in relation to storytelling which contributes to the overall replay value of the game itself.


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