Classic Gaming- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: (1996)

This was one of the few Mario games that was really good back in the 90’s that does not get mentioned too often.  Super Mario RPG was released during the mid-90’s for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Specifically, Super Mario RPG was released the same year that the Nintendo 64 made its debut along with Super Mario 64.   The release of the Nintendo 64 is probably one of the many reasons why Super Mario RPG is often overlooked by many people.  Even though, the Nintendo 64 was released during the later part of ’96 there were many options to choose from in terms of game systems such as PlayStation, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, and Neo Geo in terms of high quality gameplay.  Super Nintendo was mainly a console that produced high quality 2D graphics and gameplay while game systems such as PlayStation usually focused on the development of popular 3D titles.

Super Mario RPG is arguably one of the most underrated games in the series as far as Super Nintendo is concerned because its very different from what many people are use to seeing. This game not only has a different plot along with new characters but it also features a turn based battle system similar to many of the RPG games of the past developed by Square including the first three Final Fantasy games for the NES.  The visual design for this game along with the soundtrack and gameplay made played a significant role in making this game stand out among the other Mario titles.  The development of Super Mario RPG was one of the rare cases where Nintendo had decided  utilize a new genre outside of platforming to keep the series interesting and it worked.  There were many fans who were so pleased by Super Mario RPG to a point where they were hoping for a sequel.

It was pretty cool that Nintendo had released Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System because it looked like a game that would have been awesome to play for the N64 as well.  Shortly after the release of Super Mario RPG many people were probably expecting a sequel for the Nintendo 64 or Gamecube as time progressed but unfortunately it never happened.  Even though, Super Mario RPG has never received a true sequel the game itself is considered to be a hidden gem for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System because it had so much potential and was considered to be the first role playing game in the Mario series.


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