Classic Gaming- Super Mario 64: (1996)

There were so many great Super Mario games during the 90’s that sometimes its hard to decide which title was the best. While the Super Mario series became very popular as a 2D side-scrolling platform game in the 80’s many people have wondered what a 3D platform game would look like ever since. As a fan 1996 was probably one of the best years to be a fan of the Super Mario series considering all of the products that Nintendo had released along with the gaming industry focusing more on the development of 3D titles.   In 1996, Nintendo had release Super Mario RPG, Nintendo 64 along with Super Mario 64 all within the same year. When Super Mario 64 was first released it exceeded the expectations of many people who were fans of the series in terms of gameplay and graphics.  Nintendo was also very innovative when it came down to concept and level design for Super Mario 64.

In Super Mario 64 each level was accessed usually by entering a painting in a wall inside Princess Peach’s castle opposed to travelling from world to world in warp pipes.  In order to progress throughout the game to each stage players were required to complete specific missions in order to gain gold stars while advancing to new levels.  The soundtrack for Super Mario 64 was fantastic especially for certain levels such as Jolly Roger Bay which is arguably one of the best BGM’s in the game.  The in-game mechanics for Super Mario 64 was impressive because it felt more advanced than anything we have ever seen in the series.   In this game players had the ability to jump, punch, kick, climb, crawl along with receiving a health meter which can easily be refiled by collecting gold coins.  Super Mario 64 had also included realism when it came down to in-game mechanics.  When Mario goes underwater in certain stages he starts to lose health if he stays for long period of time as opposed to the older 2D games.

One of the best features about Super Mario 64 includes the ability to adjust the camera angle while playing through the game.  Some games have terrible camera angles making it very difficult to complete where as Super Mario 64 does not have this problem.  One of the key questions that people generally have about Super Mario 64 centers around the exclusion of Luigi from the game.  As many of us can remember some of the older Super Mario games included a multiplayer mode where both players can control both Mario & Luigi.  However, in the older Mario Nintendo had utilized the 2D side scrolling style which made it easier to pull of a multiplayer game. Even though, Super Mario 64 was a platforming game it seemed and felt like an action role playing title which generally involves only one player.   Despite, the fact that Luigi was not included in Super Mario 64 the game itself was still epic since it was the first fully 3D game in the series.   There were many great features included in Super Mario 64 which made for a very exciting 3D adventure.  Even though, Super Mario 64 was one player only it still managed to be one of the best games not only within its series but for the Nintendo 64 in general.


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