Classic Gaming- The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening: (1993)

The Legend of Zelda series is probably among the best that Nintendo has ever produced in terms of video games.  The first two Zelda games for the Nintendo Entertainment System were not only exciting but very difficult as well.  The 8-bit enjoyment many people received from the first two Zelda games were followed by “Link to the Past” released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993.  While “Link to the Past” was considered to be one of the best 2D games for the SNES this title had also been released months after Link’s Awakening during the summer of 1993.  When Link’s Awakening was released for Game Boy many people were generally impressed by various features of the game including the intro, gameplay along with the story of this game.  One of the cool things about Link’s Awakening includes the fact that the story of this game takes place after The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages & Seasons which was not released until 2001.

The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages & Seasons were both released for the Game Boy Color a few years before that Link’s Awakening received a color remake for that same handheld console in 1998.   This game required players to collect the eight instruments of  Sirens from various dungeons in order to awaken the Wind Fish on top of Mt. Tamaranch. In some ways this game is  reminiscent of Zelda II  where players have to gather various crystals as Link and restore them to six different palaces before awakening Princess Zelda.  The main differences between Link’s Awakening and Zelda II is the plot and the gameplay since this title is more like the original 1986 game.  Not only is Link’s Awakening an exciting adventure but it features the appearances of enemy characters from some of the previous Mario games.  This game also includes characters like Yoshi along with chain chomp who are seen towards the beginning of the game but they are both harmless.  You also encounter various enemies from Mario Bros 2 that you have the ability to destroy using the Link’s sword.

One of the many things about Link’a Awakening that stands out includes the fact that the background resembled some of the Pokemon games that were released in the late 90’s.  Some of the towns in the game looked similar to something you would see in a Pokemon game along with a few soundtracks such as “Nave Village” which sounded like a BGM that you would also hear from one of the many titles in that series.  Link’s Awakening also included some special cutscenes during the end of the game along with the one with Marin  towards the beginning which added to the quality of this title considering the fact that it was originally released for Game Boy in the early 90’s.  As you progress throughout Link’s Awakening the game slowly becomes more difficult opposed to the prequel where everything seems tough from beginning to end.  In Link’s Awakening there were many tough stages and some would argue that levels 5, 6 and 7 were among the hardest.

In terms of bosses the nightmare fighters were really difficult and many would say that Moldom and Dethl were among the toughest.  However, despite the amount of difficultly that most people have with nightmare bosses some would argue that the first two bosses in the game were unusually challenging.  Link’s Awakening also featured a pretty good BGM with soundtracks such as Fairy Mountain, Ballad of the Wind Fish, and Mt. Tamaranch  which was possibly one of the best remixes of the overworld theme ever.  Many people who know about Link’s Awakening would agree that it is among one of the best Game Boy games to be released during the 1990’s.   Not only did the quality exceed the expectations of many people but Link’s Awakening was just as exciting as the first two Zelda games especially the Game Boy Color version.  Ever since the release of both versions of Link’s Awakening the game had received praise from publications such as Nintendo Power, IGN and Electronic Gaming Monthly for being one of the best action adventure titles that one can play on a handheld console.  When it comes down to Zelda games Link’s Awakening was  one of the best 2D titles to be released in the 90’s along with Link to the Past.


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