Classic Gaming- Mario Kart Super Circuit: (2001)

Mario Kart Super Circuit was a racing game that was released for the Game Boy Advance 15 years ago.  If you are a retro gamer who grew up in the 2000’s sometimes it would be hard to believe that such time has passed since then.  Mario Kart Super Circuit was a pretty cool game because it highly resembled the original Super Mario Kart game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991.  At the time Mario Kart Super Circuit was probably one of the best racing titles to be released for the Game Boy Advance.  Having a 32-bit Mario Kart title for the Game Boy Advance was the closest thing we got a port of the original SNES game released in the early 90’s.  There were so many things about Mario Kart Super Circuit that were exciting from the gameplay all the way down to the soundtrack.

The stage designs for Mario Kart Super Circuit were both beautiful and creative while providing the nostalgic feeling of the 16-bit classic SNES title.  This game had included some familiar stages such as Luigi’s Circuit and Bowser’s Castle that were remade to make this Mario Kart game more enjoyable.  There were also some new stages in Mario Kart Super Circuit that not only had fantastic designs but also included some of the most underrated soundtracks anyone would hear in a racing game.  The Sky Garden stage had a legendary tune and while some people debate that the Mario Kart DS version was better the Game Boy Advance version was amazing.    The soundtrack for Ribbon Road was probably one of the best next to Sky Garden because the tune blended in perfectly with the stage itself. Not only was the BGM for Ribbon Road both dreamy & playful but it also provided a very light-hearted vibe that made the stage more enjoyable.  The theme for Shy Guy Beach & Cheep Cheep Island was among one of the most relaxing tunes in the game along with having nice stage design.

While critics might argue about the gameplay for Mario Kart Super Circuit the itself was very good for title that was released for the Game Boy Advance.  The composers for the music Mario Kart Super Circuit were very creative and were able to make some incredible soundtracks that added to the quality of the game itself.  The developers of this game did an excellent job recreating the gameplay of the original Super Mario Kart game while adding new elements to the game to make it an unforgettable racing title for the Game Boy Advance.  Mario Kart Super Circuit had received strong approval from various publications including IGN, GamePro, Eurogamer and others for being such a great racing game.  As we all know there have numerous Mario Kart games that have been released within the past 25 years that we all enjoyed.  Even though, the Mario racing games for the home consoles such as the SNES, N64, GameCube and the Wii are normally  talked about more than Super Circuit the game itself is still a very great racing title for any type of handheld based console in general.


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