Classic Gaming- Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos: (1990)

We all remember how epic the original Ninja Gaiden game was for the NES during the late 80’s   Ninja Gaiden was considered to be one of the best platform games to have been released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The original Ninja Gaiden game was not only very impressive but it looked like the creators spent an extensive amount of time developing elements of the game that made it stand out from general platform titles for the NES.  Everything from the cinematic cutscenes to the storytelling along with the gameplay was executed with perfection in the original Ninja Gaiden game.  When the original Ninja Gaiden game was first released in 1988 many people were anticipating the possibility for a potential sequel for the Nintendo Entertainment System sometime in the early 90’s  Luckily, many people got their wishes answered a lot sooner than expected as Temco had released Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos the following year in 1990.  One of the cool things about this game is that the plot was connected to the prequel.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos follows the defeat of Jaquio in the prequel and focuses on Ashtar as the main antagonist for this title.  The opening for this game was pretty cool but many people debate on whether or not it was as good as the first Ninja Gaiden title.  Some people would probably choose the original over Ninja Gaiden II since it marked the birth of the series.  In terms of a better intro many would probably choose the original opening over the one for Ninja Gaiden II because sequence in the very beginning seemed more action packed. The intro for the Dark Sword of Chaos was pretty cool because you learned about Ashtar’s plan for world domination and while this was happening you were being introduced to the main characters of the game.  The plot for this game involved Ashtar’s desire to rule the world with the “Dark Sword of Chaos” along with opening the “Gate of Darkness.”   As you start Act 1 you will notice the improved graphics and gameplay while progressing throughout the first level.  In this Ninja Gaiden game Ryu can utilize special abilities such as creating shadow clones of himself which can help him defeat enemies especially boss characters much faster.

There are also a few plot twists in Ninja Gaiden II which made things very interesting including Irene being kidnapped  along with discovering the Jaquio had been revived following Act 7-2.  Prior to reaching the scene involving the unsettling discovery of Jaquio’s rebirth the developers did an amazing job adding more emotion into the game as you got closer to the end.  The scenes between Ryu & Robert S. T.  following the end of Act 6-3 along with 7-1 were fantastic.  Similar to the original Ninja Gaiden the developers were able to create feelings of anticipation & suspense with certain cutscenes especially with the inclusion of melodic soundtracks.  The only thing about Ninja Gaiden II was that the 8-bit cinematic beauty of Temco could only be fully witnessed by people depending on how much progress they make in the game.  Its not secret that Ninja Gaiden II is almost as hard as the original if not more difficult considering the fact that its slightly longer.  While the original Ninja Gaiden for the NES only included six acts the second included seven.

Even though, this game was really difficult many people had fun playing through each level depending on how much progress they made.  Some of the coolest stages in the game included Acts 2-2 along with 4-2 which had great visual designs.  The hardest stages in Ninja Gaiden II for the NES normally depends on who you ask but around Act 5 things get very tough.  Some people would be lucky to even make it to Act 6 or even complete the game itself for that matter.  If you somehow made it to Act 7 the boss battles were almost impossible to complete along with the game itself being unforgiving.  Ninja Gaiden II:The Dark Sword of Chaos was an excellent sequel to the first title because it maintained the same elements that made the original 8-bit game a masterpiece.   In terms of complexity some may agree that Ninja Gaiden II for the NES was not quite as suspenseful as the prequel especially towards the beginning.  However, almost everyone will agree that Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos is one of the hardest games that they have ever played for the NES during the 90’s.


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