Classic Gaming- Banjo Kazooie: (1998)

Banjo Kazooie is well known as being one of the best platform games to be released for the Nintendo 64 by a video game company called Rare during the late 90’s.  There were many things about Banjo Kazooie that was interest because not only was a family friendly platform game that appealed to children but the creators were also very creative when developing certain aspects of this title.  When it came down to gameplay and mechanics Banjo Kazooie had often been compared to the likes of Super Mario 64 because of its 3D gameplay.  Banjo Kazooie had featured many cool stages such as Treasure Trove Cave, Mumbo’s Mountain, Bubblegloop Swamp, and Gobi’s Valley.  Just because the background for each stage looks impressive does not mean that its not difficult.  The entire game is very challenging especially when you go certain for items such as puzzle pieces in order to progress throughout the game.

The music for Clanker’s Tavern perfectly captured the vibe of the state especially when you underwater the music changes into this nice melodic tune that has a magical feel to it.  Even though, the whole game was tough some of the hardest stages in the game included Treasure Trove Cove, Click Clock Woid and Freezeezy Peak.  The plot for this game was a bit unsettling because it was about a witch named Gruntilda who kidnaps Banjo’s younger sister named Tootie because he was jealous of her beauty.  Despite, how creepy the main antagonist seems it makes the witch seem much more sinister.  The trivia game show part of Banjo Kazooie was very creative because it was something that you normally don’t see in platform games.  Despite, how simple the plot this game was there were also a set of challenges that made players think very hard how to complete Banjo Kazooie.  Some people might argue that Banjo Kazooie was more difficult than Super Mario 64.  After its release this game received praise from numerous gaming publications including GamePro, Gamespot, and IGN which gave Banjo Kazooie excellent reviews and high scores in terms of ratings. Banjo Kazooie also sold at least two million copies since its initial release which might have exceeded the expectations of many people. Even though, Banjo Kazooie made for an excellent 3D platform  title many people probably wonder if the game would have been as popular as it was if it originally started out on a 8 or 16 bit console.


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