Classic Gaming- Super Mario Galaxy: (2007)

When many people think about video games that are instant classics most people generally turn to the legendary Super Mario series.  Mario has been around for over three decades and as time moved passed the quality of the games in the series has continued to improve dramatically.  During the mid 90’s Nintendo had graced us with the release of Super Mario 64 which was probably one of the best 3D platform games to be released for the Nintendo 64.  The cool thing about Super Mario 64 was that Nintendo had found a way to utilize the same main characters while making the gameplay entirely different from the 2D games along with some of the past 3D titles.  Firstly, the space theme of Super Mario Galaxy was great because it was something that Nintendo has never really done in the past with series.  Second,  Super Mario Galaxy had included an optimal quality orchestral soundtrack for this game.  The BGM for Super Mario Galaxy was amazing and is considered to be one of the many features that gave life to the game itself.  Many people would argue that the soundtrack for this game was just as good or even better than that of Zelda Twilight Princess which was released for the Nintendo Wii in 2006.

Super Mario Galaxy includes some of the best cinematic cutscenes that you will ever see in any game within the Mario series.  Also, Super Mario Galaxy seeming took a page out of the book of Zelda Twilight Princess when it came down to in game interaction.  Similar to Twilight Princess their is limited audio that features characters speaking in their own unknown language along with Princess Peach saying Mario’s name.  For other characters dialog text is featured when they speak because audio is not necessary for every single person in the game.  One of the aspects about this game that is similar to Super Mario 64 includes the fact that players must collect 120 stars as Mario while passing throughout various galaxies.  But unlike Super Mario 64 after collecting 120 stars players can finally play as Luigi in order to do the same exact thing.  Along with making Luigi a playable character Nintendo decided to make a multiplayer mode which was something that many of us thought we would never see for a 3D Super Mario game.

Along with some new characters and features players also have the ability to try and complete the game using the Wii remote & Nunchuks.  Completing any Mario game using anything other than a control pad seems very different is tough.  Fortunately, Super Mario Galaxy has a co-op mode where the second player can operate the “Star Point” which was something that was very innovative in the series in general.  Since its release Super Mario Galaxy has won numerous “Game of the Year” awards from publications such as GameSpot, IGN, Nintendo Power and Kotaku. Over the years Nintendo has constantly found ways to reinvent themselves and Super Mario Galaxy is another game that provides proof since its regarded as one of the best action adventure games of the 00’s decade.


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