Should Square Enix release another Chrono game in the future?

The Chrono series was considered to be among one of the best role playing games during the 1990’s for consoles such as the Super Nintendo and PlayStation.   When the first two Chrono games were released during the 90’s they were both praised by fans and critics due to its excellent gameplay along with its ability to tell compelling stories that got people interested into the game itself.  While there is nothing wrong with the story or gameplay aspect of the Chrono series the popular belief among the executives in Square Enix was that people who were fans of the series lost their interest somewhere between the late 90’s and early 00’s.

Many people generally debate on which Chrono game was the best between Trigger & Cross since both titles were great.  Some would probably give the slight edge to Chrono Trigger because it forced Square Enix to be more creative in terms of gameplay & musical composition since it was a 16-bit game released for the SNES.  Since the release of Chrono Trigger many people had developed a strong feeling of nostalgia for another 16-bit based game in the series.  During the early 00’s a fan based game called Chrono Resurrection was set to be released during the later part of 2004.  Chrono Resurrection would have made an excellent Christmas present for anybody was a hardcore fan of the series during the mid to late 90’s.  Unfortunately, Chrono Resurrection was cancelled by Square Enix before its set release date towards the Christmas of 2004.  If Square Enix for whatever reason decides to make a new Chrono game in the future should it be a high definition 3d game similar to that of the Final Fantasy series or should they utilize the same 2d gameplay that made the series popular to begin with?


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