Retro Gaming- Mario Kart Wii: (2008)

The Mario Kart games released by Nintendo have always been plenty of fun.  This was especially true when people had friends over for multiplayer gameplay.  Since the early 90’s the Mario Kart series has evolved in more ways than one.  Not only did the Mario Kart series make a successful transition from 2D to 3D gameplay but Nintendo have always found ways to keep the series interesting by adding new elements of gameplay.  Mario Kart Double Dash released for the Nintendo Gamecube in the early 00’s allowed players to have two characters race in a single vehicle.  Mario Kart Wii provides players with the opportunity to race throughout the game using a steering wheel along with the option of using a control pad.

Trying to play other Nintendo Wii games using the Wii Remote & nunchuck had seemed difficult but playing a racing title such as Mario Kart Wii appears to be both fun and challenging.  Mario Kart Wii is not only one of the most realistic games in the entire series but it also included many elements from the previous games in the series that older fans are familiar.with.  Mario Kart Wii includes over 20 characters along with some new ones including Dry Bowser, Rosalina and Funky Kong that people can unlock as they progress throughout the game.  Along with the general modes such as Grand Prix and Battle this game featured a new one called Tournament which can be played online on the Mario Kart Channel.  Depending on what type of gamer you were you either liked Tournament mode or you did not.  Sometimes Grand Prix mode was good enough for many people while others had no interest in playing online due to issues of other players cheating during races.

Along with the gameplay the visual design for the stages in Mario Kart Wii were fantastic.  Some of the stages in this game that were very cool included Daisy Circuit, Koopa Cape, Mushroom Gorge and Koopa Cape.  Bowser’s Castle for whatever reason is always among the best when it comes to stages in any Mario Kart game along with being the most challenging.  Since its release Mario Kart Wii has sold at least 36 million units worldwide along with being the best selling game within the entire series.  The amount of sales for Mario Kart Wii was almost six times more than its predecessor for the Nintendo GameCube known as Mario Kart Double Dash which sold close to seven million worldwide.  Since the release of Mario Kart Wii it has been commonly referred to as one of the best racing games that Nintendo has ever made during the 2000’s decade.


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