Retro Gaming- Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3: (1994)

We all remember Wario who made his debut in Super Mario Land 2 after he tried to take over Mario’s castle.  Wario Land was the sequel to Super Mario Land 2 and the cool thing about this game was that Wario was the main protagonist with a completely different plot that had nothing to do with getting any type of revenge on Mario.  In Super Mario Land 3 Wario had decided it was time for him to get his own castle because it was something that he always wanted to do.  Wario’s desire to have his own castle leads to the main plot for this story which involves batting Captain Syrup and her group known as the Black Dugar Gang for the purpose of collecting treasures throughout the game. After collecting completing the game Wario would then turn to a genie would  give him a castle depending on how many coins or treasures he had collected throughout the game.The amount of treasures and coins collected determines what type of house Wario gets ranging from a cabin all the way to a castle.  Wario Land has multiple endings which was very unique considering the fact that many of the previous Mario games only had one main ending.

Since Wario was a new character to the Super Mario series in the early 90’s Nintendo had the opportunity to takes chances in Super Mario Land 3 by diverting from the same formula that have been utilized in many Super Mario games in terms of gameplay and plot since the 1980’s. Since its initial release Wario Land has sold at least 5 million copies worldwide which was pretty for a new character that made his debut as the main antagonist in the preceding game he was in.  As good as this title was for Game Boy some people probably had wished that Wario had remained as one of the main villains of the Mario series longer than he was.  The boss battle with Wario in Super Mario Land 2 was interesting and in some ways refreshing because it was one of the few games where the spotlight was not on Bowser.  The transition that Wario made from being the main antagonist in Super Mario Land 2 to being the protagonist in Super Mario Land 3 was pretty cool since many people wanted to play as him.  Also, some people would probably argue that Wario is not a real hero but rather an anti-hero as opposed to Mario which would only add to his popularity and appeal as character in the series.  Generally, its tough to decide which game is more fun between Super Mario Land 2 & 3 because they were both very exciting to play for slightly different reasons. But when it comes down to the Super Mario Land series in general each game is considered to be an instant classic that many people enjoyed playing for the Nintendo Game Boy in the early 90’s.


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