Classic Gaming- Excitebike: (1984)

Excitebike was definitely one of the most memorable and toughest racing games to be released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  When Excitebike was released in the early 80’s some people were amused by a variety of things this game had to offer.  One of the cool things about Excitebike includes the realism.  This game was a lot tougher than it actually looked because not only was it difficult for players to complete one lap without falling off their bicycle but they also had to pay close attention to the temperature of the vehicle they used.  If the temperature of a player’s bike got to high it stopped for a short period of time until it cooled off so they can resume to race.  Also, when it came down to jumping off ramps one had to be very careful because if they were not driving in the right speed they could easily crash.  When it comes down to racing games some might argue that it is generally easier to utilize a joystick rather than a control pad with an A and B button.

Along with the realism included in this game Excitebike gives players the option of either racing solo or against the CPU.  When players are competing against the CPU they are expected to place among the top three in the preliminary race before entering the championship rounds.  Some people feel that placing in the top three was among one of the forgiving aspects of Excitebike because if players were required to come in first place that be too hard for a first timer.  One of the most difficult aspects about Excitebike had dealt with mastering the controls.  Even though, this game is a lot more difficult than it looks trying to complete one lap without falling of your bike seems almost impossible especially if you are trying to finish in first place.  As popular as Excitebike for the NES during the 80’s this game never received a sequel during the 90’s for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  In fact, the original Excitebike game did not receive its long awaited sequel until it was released for the N64 in the year 2000.  It would have been interesting to see what a sequel for Excitebike have looked like for the 16-bit SNES but having a fully 3D game was even better.   The original Excitebike game may not have been the best in terms of graphics but it was probably one of the most challenging racing games for the NES.


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