Should Nintendo develop a Super Mario Land 4?

As great as the Super Mario games have always been there were always some titles that many people enjoyed but does not get mentioned quite as much as the main series.  Super Mario Land was a sub-series that Nintendo that made its debut for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1989.  The Mario Land series was pretty cool especially 2 & 3 because they were very different in comparison to the main one.  While Super Mario Land 2 had included a new plot with a new villain named Wario  the sequel entitled Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 focuses on how the main antagonist from becomes the protagonist with the purpose of buying his own castle.  Ever since Super Mario Land 3 Nintendo has provided him with his own series therefore place little to no emphasis on Mario at all.  While many people would admit that Super Mario Land 3 was a great way to build another character in the Mario franchise others feel that Wario’s time as the main villain in the sub-series could have been longer and would have been more interesting.

Another thing about the Super Mario Land 2 & 3 was the creativity utilized in both games because they felt different from what people are generally familiar with in the main series. Super Mario Land 2 had included some boss battles with unlikely opponents along with the battle in involving Wario.  Not only was Wario tough to defeat in this game but he was also able to utilize some of the same attacks that Mario had after receiving a power-up.  After defeating Wario in Super Mario Land 2 the ending seemed a bit anti-climatic when Mario took his castle back.  As interesting as the plot was for both games it would have been cool if they were featured on home based consoles such as Super Nintendo Entertainment System.   Also, when they were both released for Game Boy Super Mario Land 2 & 3 were both in black & white white and still received great reviews from critics & fans alike.  If Nintendo decided to create another Super Mario Land game should Wario be a play a significant role in the game along with Mario or should they develop a entirely new plot?


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