Retro Gaming- Kirby’s Avalanche: (1995)

here is nothing like the classics when it comes down to gaming on 16-bit consoles in the early to mid 90’s.  Kirby’s Avalanche was a puzzle was released by Nintendo after HAL Laboratory, Compule and Banpresto had collaborated to develop around the mid 90’s.  The cool thing about this game along with many other puzzle games of that era included the fact that it was influenced by Super Puyo Puyo.  While being mainly influenced by Super Puyo Puyo Kirby’s Avalanche had included elements from some of the previous games in the series such as the soundtracks and included them into this title while putting a creative twist to it.  The plot for this game focuses on the Kirby’s goal to win the Avalanche Tournament in the Fountain of Dreams after it was setup by the main antagonist King Dedede.  Similar to that of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine players have to match up blobs of the same color to pull of combos to defeat their opponent throughout each round.  The initiation of chain combos leads to rocks filling up on the opponents side of the screen causing their space to fill up faster and leading to their defeat.

The cool thing about this game was that you did not have to complete the game without knowing what to do.  Kirby’s Avalanche had a lesson mode that showed people how to play the game prior to participating in the Avalanche Tournament.  In the tournament players must go through twelve stages before reaching the final boss King Dedede.  While the whole game itself is very tough one generally improves over time through trial and error. Many people generally see Kirby’s Avalanche as Nintendo’s answer to Sega’s Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine released in 1993.  In terms of which game was more difficult opinions generally vary among many people.  However, in terms of soundtrack some people might give the slight edge to Kirby’s Avalanche because it sounds more light-hearted and melodic opposed to the mechanic based sounds of Mean Bean Machine.  The cool thing about this game also includes the fact that Kirby is also apart of the main plot for this game opposed to Mean Bean Machine where Sonic the Hedgehog is nowhere to be found.  The ending for this game deals with Kirby winning a trophy while Mean Bean Machine focuses on foiling Dr. Robotnik’s plans. Kirby’s Avalanche was definitely a fun classic for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and even though the puzzle game concept was not original many people will enjoy it if they are a true fan of the series.


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