Classic Gaming- Rayman: (1995)

There were so many cool games that were released during the mid 90′ that were mostly three dimensional and groundbreaking.  Many people had got to witness world of gaming as it slowly started to evolve by making the transition from two dimensional graphics into three dimensional polygons. By the mid 90’s more three dimensional games were being developed and released for home consoles such as PlayStation and Nintendo 64.  Around that time period new games were still being made for the SNES and the Sega Genesis. We all know that both the SNES & Sega Genesis primarily utilized two dimensional sprites and graphics.  Also, as time passed the quality of many two dimensional games started to improve dramatically. When Rayman was released for Sony PlayStation by Luimedia it was a very unique game because it looked like something that you would see on a 16-bit console.  When it game to visual design the original Rayman game looked like it was ahead of its time.

The graphics for this game was fantastic and was better than many two dimensional games were popular at the time. As a two dimensional game Rayman to PlayStation was similar to what Ristar was to Sega in terms of graphics.  The plot for this game was basic and the gameplay was fun.  Along with having smooth gameplay Rayman also had a pretty decent soundtrack that blended in with the atmosphere of each stage such as Dream Forest.  Even though, this game only has six worlds in which players much pass through in order to complete the game it does mean that it would be easy.  There are various parts to each would as shown in the overworld map before starting a new level.  One of the cool things about Rayman was the fact that it decided to adopt the traditional two dimensional side scrolling style of gameplay that was utilized various popular titles that came before it.  If the Rayman series had started out as a three diminsional game it probably would not have been as popular as it was when it was first released.  Ever since Rayman was released for the Sony PlayStation in the mid 90’s the game was reportedly sold at least three million units worldwide which was awesome since it was the first title in the series.  Rayman was a pretty unique title that was not only fun to play but also included some of the best two dimensional graphics in a game next to Ristar for the Sega Genesis.


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