Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (1996)

We all remember how awesome the Gundam series has been over the past three decades.  There have been various shows, movies along with games on the series that many people have enjoyed over the years.  Gundam Wing: Endless Duel was a 16-bit game released for the Super Nintendo during the mid-90’s.  While Gundam Wing: Endless Duel is not considered to be too popular in the realm of 16-bit gaming its still a pretty fun title to play with friends.  The gameplay of this Endless Duel were great and the graphics for this game were fantastic.  The stage designs were nice especially  for Epyon who probably had the of them all was fantastic because it resembled something that you would see in a actual arcade game.  Along with having the best stage Epyon was probably the toughest opponents one can battle in Endless Duel.  One of the cool features about Endless Duel included the fact that each character had a set of stats that labels their abilities.  Each character having stats seemed like an essential element in the game that played a role in making the game appear more realistic rather than everyone being equally powerful.

Another unique feature includes the special moves that each character has in the game.  The ability for characters to initiate special moves is determined on how many points they have with the maximum being 300.  Generally, there are special bars at the bottom of the screen that determines whether or not a character can perform special moves specially in fighting games make this feature unique.  Even though, Gundam Wing: Endless Duel is a fun game in terms of in game option the choices that people have are limited because players have the choice of choosing arcade, versus or trial mode.  The arcade mode in this game is probably the most fun someone is playing by themselves.  The trial mode seems a bit repetitive but it would definitely keep people busy for a while depending how good they are at the game.  With so many cool characters such as: Wing Zero (Heero), Sand (Quatre), Deathscythe (Duo) and Heavy Arms (Trowa) who has the best theme in the game Endless Duel is pretty cool 2D fighting game for the SNES that would be considered an underrated classic by some people.


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