Classic Gaming- Super Mario Bros. 2: (1988)

Super Mario Bros 2. was a unique title in the series when it was first released back in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The second main installment of Super Mario was very special because it was different from the original games in more ways than one.  Generally, with Super Mario titles many elements of each game remains the same including the main character and the main villain Bowser.  Super Mario Bros 2. diverted from the traditional story that was used in many games in the series where Bowser was the villain and decided to go with something that was completely different. The setting in the game takes place in a dreamland called Subcon and the main villain in this game is somebody named Wart.  Along with having new gameplay & setting the gameplay and mechanics for this game was completely different from anything you would see in a traditional Mario game.

In this game you had the option to choose multiple characters during gameplay including Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad.  The option to choose between four characters rather two was great but the only catch was that the game was single player as opposed to the original Super Mario Bros along with the third installment.   Super Mario Bros 2 is similar to Zelda II: Adventure of Link because both games are very different from the first and third game in their respective series.  After each series began both Super Mario and the Zelda  took a chance and diverted from the traditional gameplay that made them popular.  Following the sequel of both Super Mario and Zelda one not only was the gameplay very different but the plots had also changed and the main antagonists did as well.  In Super Mario Bros. 2 attributes played a role in the game itself and determined how effective each character was.  In this game some characters could jump higher than others along with being more powerful in terms of strength while dealing with enemies.

In this game instead destroying enemies simply jumping on them you have to pick them up and throw them into other adversaries.  The addition of a health system was also a unique improvement because unlike the original game.  In Super Mario Bros 2 each character has health that is represented in the form of little hearts in the upper left corner of the screen.  The added health system was great because in some ways it made things easier when it came down to game completing.  In almost every other 2D Super Mario game if you get touched once without a mushroom you instantly lose a life.  The health system in this game was not only unique but it made the game easier to complete since it can be expanded over the duration of the game.  Since Super Mario Bros 2 was released in the late 80’s the game sold over 7.4 million units worldwide which is impressive.  However, out of the first three NES games in the series Super Mario Bros 2 had sold the least.  The original Super Mario Bros game had sold over 40 million units worldwide while the third installment sold over 17 million since its release.  However, despite being the lowest selling Mario game of the trilogy the second installment still managed to sell more than the first three Zelda games separately which is a testament to how fun this game was.  Super Mario Bros 2. might be very different from what you are use to seeing in a normal game within the series but its considered to be an unforgettable classic that retro gamers can still enjoy 27 years later.


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  1. In the original Super Mario Bros. trilogy for me this was the worst game. Never enjoyed that much. Maybe even because, being this the only one I’ve never owned, I expected more when I first played it years later the original release…

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