Classic Gaming- Mega Man X3: (1995)

The Mega Man series was one of the coolest things things that Capcom had published during the 80’s and early 90’s.  When the original Mega Man series had made its debut during the 80’s many people were impressed by the fast paced run and gun gameplay that was provided for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  After the first three games were made for the NES we all knew that it was a matter of time before Mega Man titles were going to be published for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.   The first two Mega Man X games were not only very fun to play but they provided incredible challenges for many people who had owned the game. When Mega Man X3 was released in the mid-90’s it felt like a very solid 16-bit title that people would spend hours trying to complete.  However, around the mid-90’s people around the world started to become more interested in three dimensional games that were being made for home based consoles such as the Sony PlayStation along with Nintendo 64.

Even though, 3D gaming started to become very popular during the mid-90’s there were still some people who held on to their SNES in order to enjoy some of the memorable gems released for that game console. If you had still owned a SNES during the later part of the 1990’s Mega Man X3 was one of those games that was worth having.  The stage design for each level of this game was fantastic thanks to the cx4 chip which contributed to the quality enhancement aspect of this title.  Along with great level design Mega Man X3 had a decent plot with Sigma returning as the main villain in the form of a virus.  Another thing that was cool about this game included the option to play as Mega Man or Zero.  Zero is a character that people wanted to play as since Mega Man X2 which made everyone want to check out the third installment in the X series.  After its release Mega Man X3 received ports for PlayStation, Sega Saturn and even Windows PC.  However, if you were a true Mega Man fan you would most likely prefer the SNES version of the game.  Around this time period some people were probably the impression that the Mega Man series was starting to become old which was especially the case after Mega Man 7 was released.  In fact having Zero as a playable character might have been one of the main reasons why anyone had wanted to play X3 after it was released.  The Mega Man X series was one of the most popular set of side scrolling games of the 16-bit era.  The third installment of the Mega Man X trilogy was probably not as popular as original but the game itself is considered a classic that fans of the series would truly relish even to this day.


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