Classic Gaming- Super Mario Bros: (1985)

There is nothing like the classics when it comes down to video games.  Super Mario Bros is probably one of the most popular video games of all time.  When Nintendo had released this game during the mid 80’s many people were impressed with what this side scrolling title had to offer.  The original Super Mario Bros game was basic yet very fun to play especially when you had friends over for multiplayer excitement.  As you progress throughout the game that includes worlds one of the things that is instantly noticeable includes the level of difficulty of each stage as you get closer to the end of the game.  The good news about this game is that players to not have to go through each world in order make it to world eight. Worlds 1-2 & 4-2 were gracious enough to give players the option to skip over many levels in the game in the form of warp pipes.  In Super Mario Bros people can go from the first world to the fourth.  After reaching the second level of the forth world players can go straight to world eight while skipping over worlds five, six and seven.

The advantage of skipping some levels in Super Mario Bros includes the fact you get to complete the game much faster than usual.  The disadvantage about skipping levels in this game is that it can prove to be challenging especially if you are new to Super Mario Bros.  If one starts off in world one and ends up in world four it could be much tougher get through each level within certain worlds.  If people decide not to skip the first couple of worlds when they reach level 2-1 they can possibly improve their chances on completing the game.  The easier levels can give Mario the opportunity to gain extra lives while proceeding throughout the game.  While the same thing is true regardless of what world you are in the truth is that its much harder to gain extra lives in higher levels of the game because the difficulty constantly increases as you get towards the end.  Besides, if people decide to play through each level the game seemed more adventurous and was worth the money they spent to purchase Super Mario Bros in the first place.  Going through each world in Super Mario Bros makes saving Princess Peach from Bowser much more rewarding and helps people get better at the game itself.  Super Mario Bros is the most well known platform title in gaming history and has sold over 40 million units since its release in the mid 80’s.  After Super Mario Bros was released it was not only considered to be one of the best platform games that Nintendo has ever made but its also seen as a title that has influenced so many other games within its genre during the 8 & 16 bit era of gaming.


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