Classic Gaming- Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy’s Kong Quest: (1995)

When it comes down to 16-bit platform games the Donkey Kong Country series was definitely one the best in terms of gameplay and visual design.  When Rare had produced Donkey Kong Country 2 during the mid 90’s it was very special because around this time period the gaming world was starting to change and more emphasis was being placed on the development of three dimensional graphics along with making popular titles more realistic.  When many people saw the intro to Donkey Kong Country 2 they knew they were going to be in for something that was exciting.  In this game you have the opportunity to play as Diddy Kong or his girlfriend Dixie in order to recuse Donkey Kong who was captured by the main villain King K. Rool.  In this game people can either to choose to play by themselves or with a friend similar to the prequel.  Also, Donkey Kong Country 2 allows people to have up to three files where they can save the progress they made throughout the game.  The file saving option is very useful considering how difficult Donkey Kong Country 2 can be at times whether you have a friend playing with you or not.

While the gameplay and visual presentation of Donkey Kong Country 2 was excellent the soundtrack seemed like an absolute masterpiece for an 16-bit game.  Mining Melancholy was one of the best soundtracks in the game because had a nice futuristic-industrial vibe that captured the atmosphere of the stage perfectly.  The Stickerbrush Symphony was also a pretty epic track because it sounded so uplifting almost to the point where people can easily forget how difficult the game was.  The composition for the Stickerbrush Symphony was simply a work of art that seemed like it was ahead of its time.  Another soundtrack that was just as amazing included the Forest Interlude because the SNES soundchip was able to capture the atmosphere and emotion of the stage itself using a smooth melody along with the use of mechanical sounds in the background.   Along with the soundtrack of this game there were other features about Donkey Kong Country 2 that made the game more interesting.

Donkey Kong Country 2 had some fascinating features included in the game.  An example would be “Monkey Museum”  were people could learn hidden secrets about different courses in the game.  Also, “Kong Kollege” was a place in the overworld map where people can learn new skills that would help them get through the game as Diddy & Dixie.  The only catch for both Monkey Museum and Kong Kollege was that while some of what you learn in this game is free there is a certain amount of coins that are required in order to receive help.  Donkey Kong Country 2 had almost everything one could ask for in a platforming game from great visuals to a spectacular soundtrack.  Since its release Donkey Kong 2 had managed to sell over five million units worldwide and was known to be one of the best selling SNES platform games of the mid 90’s.  Despite not selling over 9 million  worldwide as the original Donkey Kong Country title this game is probably one of the best non-Mario side scrolling platform games to have been released for the SNES and will always be viewed as  a classic.


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