Classic Gaming- Sega Rally Championship: (1994)

There were so many cool arcade games during the 90’s in various different genres such as fighting, shooting and racing.  Sega Rally Championship was one of the many racing games in the arcade centers during the early 90’s that many people remember along with titles such as Daytona USA.  Sega Rally Championship was one arcade racing games that gave us a glance on what the future of gaming would look like.  The graphics for Sega Rally Championship looks similar to that of the original Gran Turismo game which was eventually released a few years later for PlayStation in 1997.  While the three dimensional design for Sega Rally Championship resembled that of the original Sony PlayStation it was ported to various other consoles such as Sega Saturn along with Dreamcast.  At first glance this game looked awesome because it appeared to be ahead of its time.  Sega Rally Championship was released during a time period where two dimensional gaming was starting to reach its apex.  The gaming industry was slowly transitioning into three dimensional environments and polygons which was something that instantly caught the eye of both children and adults.

Sega Rally Championship was a racing game gave players the option of choosing between Championship & Practice mode.  Championship mode game people the opportunity to compete against 14 other competitors in a series of races.  While the gameplay for Sega Rally Championship is pretty good the only downside about this game was the limited amount of options people had in choosing cars.  Also, there were only four stages in the game which made championship mode seem very short. However, just because there are only a few stages in the game it does not mean they are all easy.  In fact, the stages in Sega Rally Championship seem a lot tougher than they look.  While the game helps the players in terms of telling them when specific actions in each course such as turning the procedure of executing those turns can be difficult.   In Sega Rally Championship players must be able to balance their speed along with properly steering their car otherwise they are more likely to start crashing left and right in each course.  Despite being restricted in terms of in game options Sega Rally Championship was such a fun classic to play for home based Sega consoles and was also a blast to play arcade centers during the 90’s.


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