Classic Gaming- Ridge Racer: (1993)

During the 1990’s there were so many cool racing games that released in arcade centers around the world including Sega Out Run, Daytona USA along with Turbo Outrun.  All of those games were racing classics that many people highly enjoyed right before they were ported for various home consoles during the 90’s.  One of the arcade racing games that stood out the most during the 1990’s that was considered an instant classic by many people included Ridge Racer which was released in during the later part of 1993.  When first appeared in arcade centers worldwide many people were impressed by the three dimensional visual presentation of the game itself.  Everything about Ridge Racer at the time was so impressive from the stage designs to the soundtracks all the way down to the racing itself.  One of the things that was cool about Ridge Racer was that the arcade version of this game looked highly similar to the Sony PlayStation port in terms of visual presentation.  However, in terms of gameplay some people would probably give the edge to the arcade version of the game over the Sony PlayStation port.  Regardless of what version of the game you play Ridge Racer made for an exciting 3D racing game.

In Ridge Racer, you have to race eleven other competitors in various courses during Gran Prix mode.  The cool thing about the racing aspect of Ridge Racer is the fact that it allows people to play the game in first person.  The fact that Ridge Racer had ditched the third person that is generally used in many racing game was one of the few things that made this title stand out.  Along with having first person driving gameplay a mini map of each course is displayed in the top left hand corner of each screen along with a speed meter which was shown on the lower right.  The soundtracks for this game only added to the excitement to Ridge Racer as it featured high quality techno music.  Along with the inclusion of Grand Prix mode Ridge Racer had also included a Time Trail mode which allowed people to race against one other player as opposed to eleven.  The Time Trail mode in this game was perfect for helping people get better at the game itself because some of the stage in Ridge Racer were a lot tougher than they looked.  Whether you played Ridge Racer on the Namco System 22 or for the Sony PlayStation one cannot deny the fact that it was among some of the best racing games to have been released during the 90’s.  The three dimensional visual design for this game was not only very impressive but it also gave us a glimpse into the future of gaming in relation to racing.


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