Retro Gaming- San Francisco Rush 2049: (1999)

There were so many cool arcade games during the 1990’s specifically in the racing genre that many people loved. The racing games in the 90’s were not only fun but they generally exceeded the expectations of many people who have played them in terms of entertainment.  One of the  arcade racing titles that was popular in the late 90’s  was San Francisco Rush 2049.  This game was released in arcade centers worldwide right before the start of the new millennium.   Following the release of San Franciso Rush 2049 there were a few things that stood out about the game that instantly caught the eyes of many pleople.  One of the things that stand out about this title  included the futuristic theme the developers had used for not only the select screen but for each stage in the game.  Along with the futuristic the soundtracks for San Francisco Rush 2049 which included techno and breakbeat also contributed to making  game seem like it was worth its title.  In San Francisco Rush 2049 players have to race against seven other competitors which may not have seemed bad at first.

However, the races are not as easy as they look because during the competition players have to make insane jumps throughout various parts of each stage without crashing .  The cool thing about some of the stages in San Francisco Rush 2049 is that there are so many shortcuts players can take in order to gain the advantage during races. Along with excellent visuals and gameplay the multiplayer feature of San Francisco Rush 2049 was probably one of the best things about the game.  The arcade version can feature up to eight players in a single game which was awesome.  The multiplayer modes for the Nintendo 64 version of San Francisco Rush 2049 was also fun to play.  The N64 version of San Francisco Rush 2049 allowed players to utilize a rumble pak for their controllers which was cool because it added realism to the game itself.  Even though, the Nintendo 64 version of this game was fun to play in terms of visual display some people would argue that the arcade version of San Francisco Rush 2049 was the best. The Dreamcast version San Francisco Rush 2049 was also great in terms of visual design and allowed you to enjoy the same multiplayer gameplay that the Nintendo 64 did.  But despite which version of the San Francisco Rush 2049 one had bought whether it was for Dreamcast or the N64 players can still enjoy game modes such as: Single Race, Practice, Circuit or Stunt mode.  When it comes down to racing classics some would argue that San Francisco Rush 2049 does not receive the type of recognition that it deserves.  Either way, San Francisco Rush 2049 was a very fun futuristic racing game that was developed by Atari Games  and published by Midway Games going into the new millennium.  No matter what version of San Francisco Rush 2049 that people had played they could be equally satisfied with the gameplay of each.


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