Retro Gaming-Metropolis Street Racer: (2000)

So many cool racing games have been developed over the past 25 years that are very popular including Gran Turismo, Daytona USA, Ridge Racer, Outrun and many others that are considered to be legendary.   While most those games are highly praised by fans are critics alike there are also racing titles that are not talked about as much but are also considered to be pretty good racing games.  Metropolis Street Racer was a racing game that was developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Sega in the year 2000.  One of the coolest things about Metropolis Street Racer included the visual design for this game.  The graphics for this game looks amazing because it resembled something that you would see for the PlayStation 2.  Another aspect about Metropolis that stood out included the dance/techno soundtracks for game.  The soundtrack for this game was so unique because some of the futuristic techno like music for Metropolis Street Racer blended very nicely with the game.  Considering the fact that Metropolis Street Racer was released in the year 2000 the futuristic vibe was an excellent way to capture the feeling of that specific time period.

Along with the graphics there were some added realism in Metropolis Street Racer that made the game itself seem very impressive.  An example would include the races themselves where stages can change in both weather and in time.  The time aspect of Metropolis Street Racer is unique because the time setting on your Sega Dreamcast affects the time of day in the game.   The stages in the game are also another thing about Metropolis Street Racer that are special because players can race in various places such as London, Toyko  and San Francisco.  Racing in these stages during the daytime is nice but racing in some of these stage during night is beautiful.  Despite, how great Metropolis Street Racer looks it does not mean for one second that the game is easy by any means. In fact some people get easily frustrated by the challenges presented in this game as far as earning kudos is concerned.  For some reason it seemed like losing kudos was much easier than earning them.  If you had received a joker in this game you were either very fortunate or unfortunate depending on your performance during certain challenges since doubled your earnings & losses.  Even though, Metropolis Street Racer is not considered to be among one of the most popular racing games of all-time its definitely a solid title that requires a lot of time and patience to complete.  Having time and patience are both essential things to have when playing Metropolis Street Racer because  unlocking some of the best cars in the game feels very rewarding as you progress throughout the game.


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