Retro Gaming- Outrun 2: (2003)

There were so many cool racing games during the 1990’s that were awesome to play both in arcade centers and for home consoles.  The transition from two dimensional to three dimensional graphics and gameplay was something that started to become more prevalent in the gaming industry moving towards the new millennium.  Since the year 2000 the world as witnessed the evolution of three dimensional gaming in various genres including racing.  When Outrun 2 was released in arcade centers during the early 2000’s people were blown away by the visual design and gameplay this title had to offer.  As many of us know the arcade version of Outrun 2 was developed by Sega AM2 while the Xbox & PlayStation ports were developed by Sumo Digitial.  The home ports for Outrun 2 were pretty cool because there were so many things to do in the game.  Some of the game modes for this game included Outrun, Heart Attack and Time Attack  which were all very exciting.  There were also a variety of cool stages including Alpine, Deep Lake, Industrial Complex, Metropolis and Imperial Avenue.

Not only was the visual design for some of these stages amazing but each level had a different theme which made the in game racing so much fun.  When it comes down to in game racing players can engage in various different missions including Drift, Knockout, Zone Runner, Crazy Convoy and Cone Runner.  Before starting their races players have the option of choosing various cars such as the F50, the 365 GTS and the Dino 246 GTS.  In this game each car has different stats involving how well they drive including acceleration, handling and max speed.   Players also have the option of choosing between manual & automatic transmission before the race begins.   Not only does Outrun 2 have magnificent gameplay but the soundtracks for this game was fun to listen to during races.  One of the coolest soundtracks in the game was “Life was a Bore” since it had nice lyrics and was easy to listen to while racing through various stages in the game.  Outrun 2 was probably one of the coolest racing games for the original Xbox game console.  While some people might not put Outun 2 in the same category as the Grand Turismo series in terms of quality it was still a very fun racing game. Outrun 2 contains plenty offline in game content that people can spend hours playing which highly contributes to the overall replay value of the game itself.


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